Pokemon trainer red by apwner2-d6029kv

Official artwork of Red in his main clothing.

Raymond "Red" is the main protagonist of Pokemon Nuzlocke The Series. He is a 13 year old boy from Pallet Town, and aspires to become a Champion of any of the regions holding a Pokemon League.


Generally, Red is quiet and calm, being a boy of very few words. He is determined, however, and often shows it in his mannerisms. His facial expressions are normally kept to a minimum, as he is normally a serious person. Nevertheless, he is shown to be protective of those dearest to him, and is extremely sensitive and sympathetic over extremely crucial situatuons (such as a Pokemon dying). He also hardly ever smiles at anyone, often holding a stiff expression towards them. He can also be somewhat clueless and dense in terms of romance, as many girls have expressed crushes on him, with Red being unable to recognize that. 


When Red turned 13, he, his enemy Blue, and his best friend Leaf, were all asked to visit Professor Oak's lab one afternoon. Oak explained how he wanted three successors to help him in the development of his invention, the Pokedex, and offered to give them one starter Pokemon each. Blue had taken Squirtle, Leaf had took Bulbasaur, and Red took Charmander, as he had thought Charmander seemed to like him instantly. Blue challanged Red to a battle instantly, Leaf scolding him to not jump to battles inside of buildings.